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Polly Eats London at Laurence Pidgeon Design: Korean Food

Eun-Young CHOI who comes from South Korea and lives in London prepared for us three homemade dishes which are a staple of Korean cuisine and which are cooked by her at home for the family and friends. The dishes were prepared and beautifully served in the kitchen at Laurence Pidgeon Design in Fulham, London by courtesy of the owner Laurence Pidgeon.

Eun-Young Choi and Polly Eats London at Laurence Pidgeon DesignLaurence Pidgeon and Eun-Young Choi; Polly Eats LondonEun-Young Choi and Young-Sun Choi at Laurence Pidgeon Design; Polly Eats London

Eun-Young CHOI; Polly Eats LondonEun-Young CHOI at Laurence Pidgeon; Polly Eats LondonYoung-Sun CHOI and Polly Eats London at Laurence Pidgeon Design


SoBulgogi- Korean BBQ Beef

Bulgogi in Korean means “fire meat” and is made with very lean and tender beef such as sirloin or tenderloin that is easily marinated and cooked. The beef must be sliced or cut very thinly. There are plenty of recipes for marinates that tenderise the beef. Some of them call for the combination of soy sauce, brown sugar, an apple or Korean pear, garlic, ground black pepper and sesame oil, the other just for sweet syrup and sugar.  Time of marinating of the meat also depends on the recipe – from 10 minutes to up to 12 hours in the fridge. SoBulgogi is cooked in a hot skillet, a frying pan on a stove or a barbeque with vegetables such as carrot, chilli peppers, onions accompanied by mushrooms and finished with a few drops of sesame oil. Recipe for SoBulgogi here...

SoBulgogi Korean BBQ Beef; Polly Eats LondonSoBulgogi Korean BBQ Beef; Polly Eats London

SoBulgogi Korean BBQ Beef; Polly Eats London


Buchujeon- Garlic Chive Pancake

This is a lovely side dish or homemade snack, loved by children and adults, versatile, quick and easy. Buchujeon is a Korean savoury pancake made with Chinese garlic chives accompanied by vegetables, meat or seafood and spices – up to taste and preferences of the cook and consumers.  The most important is the batter and chive ratio which makes the pancake crispy and fragrant – not enough batter and too many chives. Recipe for Buchujeon you can find here.

Buchujeon; Polly Eats LondonBuchujeon; Polly Eats London

Buchujeon; Polly Eats London


Daepa Jeyuk Bokkeum - Korean Spicy stir-fried pork with green onion

This dish is cooked by Koreans at home and is as popular as Marinated Beef BBQ SoBulgogi. It’s delicious and spicy, served usually with beer or a glass of strong alcohol. Eun-Young used bite-size pork belly for Daepa Jeyuk Bokkeum because of its crunchy skin and very tender meat which gives a lot of flavour to this dish. This is a great dish which makes anyone better after a long night party. Recipe for Daepa Jeyuk Bokkeum is here.

Daepa Jeyuk Bokkeum; Polly Eats LondonDaepa Jeyuk Bokkeum; Polly Eats LondonDaepa Jeyuk Bokkeum; Polly Eats London

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