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Mexican Black Beans with Tomatoes and Totopos

Preparation: black beans - soak overnight
20 -25 minutes for cooking 
Cook time: 40 min
Refrigerate Overnight
250 g dry black beans, I used Turtle Beans
A day before, place the beans in a pot, cover with cold water and soak overnight. Cook the beans until soft. It can take about 25-30 minutes, depending on how fresh your beans are.
25 g lard
1 onion, chopped
1 tsp salt
1 garlic clove, chopped
melt the lard in a potAdd the onion and saltAdd chopped garlic clove
In a pot with a thick bottom, melt the lard and add the onion. Season with 1 tsp of salt and fry it until soft and lightly brown. Then add the garlic clove. Cook for 2 minutes.
2 large tomatoes, finely chopped, approx 200 g
2 tsp dried tomato paste
100-150 ml tomato passata
Add fresh chopped tomatoesAdd Tomato PassataAdd Tomato Paste
Add the tomatoes, 100 ml tomato passata and tomatoe paste to the mixture. Cook for about 20 minutes until tomatoes are soft. 
1 tsp sweet paprika
1 tsp chilli flakes
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp salt
Add cooked beansAdd sweet paprikaAdd ground cuminAdd chilli flakesCombine the ingredients
Add the black beans, sweet parika, cumin, chilli flakes, season with salt, stir and cook together for 20 minutes.If the mixture is too dry, add the rest of the passata and stir to combine.
Spring onion and pomegranate seeds for decoration
1 lemon, quartered

Mash the beans mixture

Take a potato masher and press the beans with tomatoes, crushed only a part of the mixture.  Adjust the flavour, you can add more chilli flakes or salt, to your liking. Transfer the beans on a serving dish, top with chopped spring onion, pomegranate seed and lemon quarters. Serve warm with Mexican Crisps Totopos or with a tortilla.

Mexican Black Beans with Tomatoes Polly Eats LondonMexican Black Beans with Tomatoes Polly Eats LondonMexican Black Beans with Tomatoes Polly Eats London


  • Sean says:

    I couldn?t believe the flavour. Delicious and simple. Great with burrito or taco.

  • Adam says:

    Made these beans today to go in burritos and they were absolutely delicious.

  • Sofia says:

    These beans are really good. We love black beans and this recipe kicks them up a little.


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