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Vegetable Salad (Salatka Jarzynowa)

Preparing: 2 hours
Cook time: 30 minutes
3 carrots
2 parsley roots
½  large celeriac
3 potatoes
2 large apples
3 large eggs
150 g frozen petite peas
1/2 small leek, white part
8 small soured cucumbers (cucumbers in brine)
vegetables vegetables, fruits and eggs
Boil the carrots, parsley roots, celeriac and potatoes until they are soft but firm. Boil the eggs and petite peas.
Peel the cooked carrotPeel the parsley rootPeel the potatoesPeel the applesPeel the celeriacPeel the eggs
Peel the boiled root vegetables, aples and eggs.
Dice finely the carrotsDice finely the parsley rootsDice finely the celeriacDice finely the applesDice finely the cucumbersDice finely the eggsChop finely the leek
Dice finely carrots, parsley roots, celeriac, apples, eggs, leek, cucambers and transfer them to a large pot or bowl. 
2 tsp salt                            
½ tsp white pepper
Add cooked peasAdd mayonnaiseAdd saltadd white pepper
Transfer diced ingredients to a large bowl. Add cooked peas, salt and pepper and mix gently. Then add mayonnaise and combine all ingredients. Keep refrigerated overnight. The salad tastes best next day. Serve with cured meat and a slice of bread.

Vegetable Salad Polly Eats LondonVegetable Salad Polly Eats LondonVegetable Salad Polly Eats London

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