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Polly Eats London For International Women in London: Celebration of the Chinese New Year

2021 is a year of the metal ox, the second animal of the Chinese zodiac that symbolizes strength and determination. It falls on February the 12th. Chinese New Year is the biggest event on the calendar in China. Millions of people all over the world celebrate it in their families and communities.

The members of Kensington Chelsea Woman's Club will celebrate the Chinese New Year online, during Zoom session. For this special event, Polly Eats London prepared a special menu, inspired by the flavours of the Far East and traditional festive classics served by the Chinese families - Chinese Canapés - that will be delivered in lunchboxes to all participants on Friday, the 12th.

"We based our menu on dumplings which are excellent classic finger food, served as appetizers, and that symbolizes wealth and longevity. Chinese Dumplings (jiaozi in the Chinese language) are a staple food in Chinese cuisine with plenty of flavours and fillings. It's also a lucky classic food for the New Year, and a traditional dish eaten on Chinese New Year's Eve. According to a legend, the more dumplings you eat during the New Year celebration, the more money you can make in the coming year. Also, you are sending away the old and welcoming the new by eating the dumplings."

Beef and Spring Onion Jiaozi 

Beef Jiaozi
The filling of the dumplings is juicy and flavourful due to the meat marinated overnight. They are a little spicy with a hint of ginger, sesame oil and pleasant bits of aromatic spring onions. Paired with spicy dipping sauce for an extra kick. Find the recipe for Beef and Spring Onion Jaozi here

Vegetable and Mushrooms Chinese Potsticker Dumplings

First steamed then pan-fried dumplings are slightly different because they have been filled with winter vegetables and shitake mushrooms. The sweetness of the filling comes from the carrot and cabbage and pairs perfectly with dipping sauce's saltiness – mild or spicy. 

Hong Kong Wonton Soup with Prawns and Pork Dumplings





This is Wonton soup in a Hong Kong-style due to the dumplings filled with prawns and beef. A simple Chinese classic is a clear consommé enriched with sesame oil and spring onion bits – aromatic and warming. Find the recipe for Prawns and Pork Wonton Soup here.

Pork and Sticky Rice Pearl Meatballs

They are our favourites which make every party unforgettable., Delicious, soft and aromatic bite-size pork balls have been coated with rice grains. The next Chinese Classic, a must-have during new year party. Usually eaten as they are, but I serve them with hot pickles. Find the recipe for Pork and Sticky Rice Pearl Meatballs here. 

Chinese Walnut Biscuits

Sweet, fragrant and buttery biscuits packed with chopped walnuts. Great as a small dessert after the meal and perfect with a cup of tea or coffee. Find the recipe for Chinese Walnut Biscuits here.

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