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Polish Stuffed Eggs in Shells

Preparing time: 30 min
Cook time: 5 min
4 hard-boiled eggs
Half the shelled egg A halved eggChop the eggs finely
Stubb eggshell with a sharp knife just to break it a little and slit the egg by moving the knife's blade forward and back. Then press the knife down to separate the egg halves. Scoop out the egg whites and the yolks on a cutting board. Chop finely.
1 tbsp unsalted butter
salt and pepper
2 tbsp of chopped dill
Transfer the copped eggs to a bowlAdd unsalted butterSeason with salt and pepperAdd finely chopped dill
Combine well all ingredients
Transfer the chopped eggs to a glass bowl; add unsalted butter, finely chopped dill and season well with salt and pepper. Stir to combine.
Stuff each shell with the fillingPress the filling
Stuff the empty shells and press the stuffing down; you need to use all the filling. If you don't serve the eggs immediately, leave them as they are and keep them refrigerated in the container.
3 tbsp bread crumbs
Press the eggs against bread crumbsThe filling covered with bread crumbs
Press each egg open-side down into a plate of bread crumbs.
1 tbsp unsalted butter
Fry the eggs bread crumbs side downCover the skillet with a lid
Melt the butter on a skillet, transfer the eggs bread crumb side down on the skillet and heat. You can cover the skillet with a lid.
The egg shells should be hotServe the eggs immediately

The eggs are ready when the shells are hot. Serve immediately with a slice of bread.

This recipe produces 8 Stuffed Eggs. 

Polish Stuffed Eggs in Shells Polly Eats LondonPolish Stuffed Eggs in Shells Polly Eats LondonPolish Stuffed Eggs in Shells Polly Eats London

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