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Polish Traditional Gingerbread

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BBQ Sauce

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Architects Bake with Polly Eats London: Sourdough Bread

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Red Onion Marmelade

Orzo Pasta with Courgette, Mushrooms and Green Peas

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Pico de Gallo Mexican Salsa

Mexican Black Beans with Tomatoes and Totopos

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Fishcakes with Rémoulade

Rémoulade - French Cold Sauce

Avocado Dip

Mexican Spicy Mini Chicken Wings

Danish Crisp Bread

Smoked Trout Pate


Polly Eats London at the Great British Bake-Off: An Extra Slice

Polish Plum Cake

Polly Eats London at Liberté Chérie

Over eight years ago, I quit my job in the media industry in Warsaw, Poland and arrived in London to run my own company. In the beautiful, overwhelming, luxurious city, I missed small local bakeries with bread and bakes we could shop for daily. Sadly, grocery stores offered plenty of baking goods with no flavour whatsoever, and beautifully crafted creations from artisan bakeries didn't taste like I was used to. Baking bread at home became inevitable and then, with time, essential. I started with homemade sourdough bread, and now most of our everyday food is made from scratch: butter, white bread, baguettes and rolls, tortillas and flatbreads, mayonnaise, pizza, pasta, lasagne, jam and marmalade, ice cream and cones and many more. In late summer, we make passata from fresh tomatoes imported from abroad and planted in our garden; in winter, we add homemade sour kraut and fermented beet kvass to our menu. It looks like we run a small food factory! On the contrary, we eat healthy food every day.

As a self-taught chef, I have spent the past few years honing my baking and cooking skills and creating recipes that showcase delicious and healthy meals for everyday eating. My recipes are a reflection of my personal food choices and eating habits.

I'm a former radio journalist and national Polish Press Agency manager. When I don't cook or write about food, I'm a full-time business owner and run a company with my husband. I'm also a resident of Ealing, West London.

This blog was born out of a real passion for baking and cooking and a love of seasonal and local food readily available from our local supermarkets or farmers' markets. Polly Eats London is for people who love to get their hands dirty while they cook, for those who care about food quality and are ready to roll up their sleeves to cook food from scratch. The blog features a collection of step-by-step recipes, complete with a series of photos to make each recipe easy to follow. They are selected meticulously, and the meals are tested several times before a photoshoot and publication. I want my readers and followers to enjoy cooking and get the best results from their activity in the kitchen. Polly Eats London is on social media: Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest @pollyeatslondon.

In the summer of 2019, I offered our healthy products to the customers of Zero Waste Grocery Shop on Portobello Road - Liberté Chérie, run by Charles Pelletier, a Frenchman with a background in Michelin-starred restaurant Serge Et Le Phoque in Hong Kong. You can read about it here.

Dominika at Liberte CherieDominika at Liberte CheriePolly Eats London at Liberte Cherie







In the same year, after two months, I received an invitation to participate in a competition that was being aired on one of the most popular British TV shows, The Great British Bake-Off: An Extra Slice! Here you will find more about my TV adventure.

Dominika in Great British Bake Off: an Extra Slice with Tom AllenMy Great British Bake - English weatherPolly Eats London at Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice with Tom Allen






I cooperate with Kensington and Chelsea Women's Club - International Women in London, a non-profit organisation of British and International Women that provides social enrichment opportunities within local communities. I was a supplier of lunch boxes for the Celebration of the Chinese New Year, a caterer for a concert at St Mary's Cadogan Street and a presenter of the event Polish Christmas Traditions with Polly Eats London;

As an international cuisine enthusiast, I use every opportunity to cook regional food with representatives of different countries and cultures, such as, e.g. Korean food at Laurence Pidgeon Design.

Korean Food Polly Eats LondonKorean Food Polly Eats LondonKorean Food Polly Eats London







At the beginning of this year I organised and run a bakery course for architects; this activity will be continued.

Bread Baking Workshop Polly Eats LondonBread Baking Workshop Polly Eats LondonBread Baking Workshop Polly Eats LondonBread Baking Workshop Polly Eats LondonBread Baking Workshop Polly Eats LondonBread Baking Workshop Polly Eats London













I recently started a small production of homemade goods offered locally to Ealing residents. You can meet me in my stall every Saturday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. at the food market at Dickens Yard on Ealing Broadway. Learn more about the product I sell here

Food Market, Dickens Yard, Polly Eats LondonFood Market, Dickens Yard, Polly Eats LondonFood Market, Dickens Yard, Polly Eats LondonFood Market, Dickens Yard, Polly Eats LondonFood Market, Dickens Yard, Polly Eats LondonFood Market, Dickens Yard, Polly Eats London