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Marinated feta and pickled cucumber cocktail skewers

Preparing time: 20 min
Marinating: 1-4 hours
2 tbsp sesame seeds
1 tbsp fennel seeds
zest of 1 lemon
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp olive oil
½ tsp crushed black pepper
15 g fresh chopped coriander
Sesame and fennel seedsToast seeds in a dry panOlive oilLemon juiceGrate lemon zestChop fresh coriander
Toast the sesame and fennel seeds in a dry pan until golden brown for approx. 3 minutes.
In a glass bowl combine the toasted seeds, lemon juice and zest, olive oil, black pepper and chopped coriander.
180 g Greek feta cheese

Cut feta cheese into 16 cubesToss feta cubes in the marinate

Cut feta cheese into 2 cm cubes and toss them in the marinade.  Each cube should be well coated. Cover the bowl and refrigerate at least 1 hour (the best several hours). Feta can be marinated up to 3 days in advance.

16 cubes of pickled cucumbers from this recipe
16 black olives
16 fresh coriander leaves

Cut pickled cucumbers into cubes 1cm thick.

Thread a feta cube, cucumber, black olive and coriander leaf onto a mini skewer. Repeat using all ingredients. Arrange the sticks on a serving platter.

Based on a recipe from the book "Canapés.Over 200 Recipes/Step by step Sequences" by Victoria Blashford-Snell & Eric Treuille

Marinated feta and pickled cucumber skewersMarinated feta and pickled cucumber skewersMarinated feta and pickled cucumber skewers


  • Julie says:

    You?re using Greek feta do you think Bulgarian or other would ne good as well?


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