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Polly Eats London at the Great British Bake-Off: An Extra Slice

Last week was crazy! We spent 5 days on creative thinking and 4 days on baking in our small 5m2 kitchen where normally our bakes, cakes, bread, rolls are created and photos for our food blog are taken. We had ups and downs, gave a try many times however, we made it. And Friday, the 13th can be now considered a lucky day!
We created a bread basket named The English Weather which was full of cakes, buns and rolls. Our aim was to show a variety of bread, technical skills in bread making and form an installation 3D loved by a TV camera. Lavash Bread was used for making the umbrella-shaped basket and lighting, challah bread for clouds, cinnamon rolls formed the shape of the Wind, a Polish onion bun created the Sun and American Cranberries and Walnut Bread made a beautiful Moon.

Ups and Downs before the show Polly Eats LondonAmerican Cranberries and Walnuts Celebration Bread CroissantsCloud and moons in a basketBread basket in progressBread basket in progressBread in progress








Although we were not Star Baker of the episode - there were better contestants!, and Artur had to leave the studio because he did not bake anything, our bake draw  attention of the jury and Tom Allen. We had a very nice conversation about The English Weather.
Speaking with Tom Allen The Great British Bake -Off: An Extra SliceSpeaking with Tom Allen The Great British Bake -Off: An Extra SliceSpeaking with Tom Allen The Great British Bake -Off: An Extra Slice
We received a very warm welcome from other contestants and the audience. Our English Weather went like hotcakes after filming and came back home with the empty basket.


  • Polly Eats London says:

    Hi Monica! Thank you! You can find it here

  • Monica says:

    Hi! Im amazed by this photos, is there any chance to find this episode online? Cheers!


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