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Fermented beet juice (beet kvass)

Preparing time: 30 minutes Waiting time: 6 days
Ingredients Method

Scalded stone jar with a lid

Prepare a big glass or stoneware 4 l jar with a lid. If it does not come with the lid, a muslin cloth or a plate also work. Pop the containers into the oven heated to 90ºC for a few minutes, pop it out and then allow to cool. You can also boil water in a kettle, pour into the jar and leave for some time. Remove the water and also let the container cool.
3 kg raw red beetroots
Peel the beetrootsDice the beetroots in large pieces
Wash beetroots thoroughly, peel and dice them roughly into 5 cm cubes.  Avoid finely chopping and grating because they will ferment too fast and become alcoholic. 
2 garlic cloves peeled
Chop roughly the garlicPlace the garlic in the jarTransfer diced beetroot into the scalded jar
Chop the garlic roughly. Place it and the beetroots in the jar.
2 l tepid water
20 g rock salt
Pour water into a glass bowlAdd the saltStir to help the salt to get dissolved
Pour the water in a glass bowl, add the salt and have it dissolved. I use 10 g of rock salt per 1 l of water.
Pour the brine over the beetroots
Pour the brine in the jar and cover the beetroots. All beetroot pieces must be covered by the brine.
Cover the jar with the lid
Cover the jar (with the lid, muslin cloth, plate). Set aside in somewhere warm (20°C) and leave for 10 days.
Beetroots in the jar Polly Eats London
After 5 days you will see foam on top of the water. Brine may also seep out of the lid. As long as there is no mold in the container, the juice is good.


Beet kvass thick, burgundy liquid Polly Eats London
After 9-10 days the soured juice should be ready. Try the liquid using a very clean spoon before you decide to strain out the beetroots and save the liquid.
The juice should be pretty thick, have deep burgundy colour, salty, sour and sweet flavour.
This recipe will make approximately 2 l of kvass.
Transfer the juice to the scalded bottlesRemove beets from the jar and save the juice
Prepare two scalded bottles, each of capacity of 1 l. Strain out and transfer the juice into the bottles. Keep covered and refrigerated for a few weeks. It will last for quite some time.

Beetroot kvass Polly Eats LondonTransfer the beet juice to the scalded bottles Polly Eats LondonBeetroots Polly Eats LondonPour kvass to bottles and keep refrigeratedFermented beet kvass makes a wonderful drinkFermented beet kvass Polly Eats LondonFull jar of cubed beetroot

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