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Traditional Italian Panettone

Preparing time: 1 day for the fruit blend, 1 day for the sponge, 5 hours Bake time: 1 hour
Ingredients Method
Fruit blend:
85 g raisins
85 g dried apricots, prunes, cherries
57 g brendy, you can use orange liquer, whiskey or rum
7 g orange extract
7 g vanilla extract
Chpped dried fruits and raisinsAdd orange extractAdd vanilla extractStir to combine the fruit blend

Start with a fruit blend. Mix the dried, chopped fruit and raisins with the brandy, vanilla and orange natural extract. Set aside for at least 24 hours, I kept my blend for a week.

99 g sourdough starter
113 g whole milk, warm
65 g bread flour
Add sourdough starter to a bowlAdd flourAdd whole milkMix the ingredients
The day before baking, make a sponge. Mix the ingredients, cover with foil and set aside in a warm place for 4 hours, then refrigerate it overnight.
18 g fresh or 5 g instant yeasts
42 g lukewarm water
192 g bread flour
21 g caster sugar
2.5 g salt
277 g wild-yeast sponge
1 egg yolk
1 egg
57 g soft unsalted butter
Dissolve the yeasts in the water. Add the flourAdd sugarAdd saltAdd wild-yeast spongeAdd egg and egg yolk
Dissolve the yeasts in the water.

In the mixing bowl of a stand mixer, stir together the flour, sugar and salt. Then add the wild yeast sponge, egg and egg yolk and dissolved yeasts.

Add unslated butterAdd fruit mixture Mix at low speed until a coarse soft ball is formed. Stop the mixer and leave it for 20 minutes. Then add the butter and the fruit mixture and mix on low speed until the fruits are evenly distributed.
71 g blanched and chopped almonds
Transfer the dough to the worktopAdd the chopped almondsPlace in an oiled bowl
Remove the dough from the mixing bowl and transfer it to the worktop, dusted with the flour. Knead gently for 2 minutes, then add the chopped almonds and knead to distribute them evenly. Place the dough in an oiled glass container or bowl, cover it with foil and rest for 2 hours, it will rise 1 ½ times its original size.
line a tin with baking paperMake a collar
In the meantime, if you don’t use panettone paper, line the bottom of the cake tin 18 cm diameter with baking paper. Also, make a collar with baking paper and adjust it to your tin. The collar should be tightly stapled.
Transfer the dough to the tinCover with foild and set asidethe dough will reach1/3 of the collar
Remove the dough from the bowl and transfer it to the baking tin, press gently to spread in the tin. Cover with foil and leave for another hour. The dough will rise and reach halfway up the form. It will take approx. an hour.
Preheat the oven to 165°C and bake the panettone for about 1 hour. It should be golden brown and sound hollow when thumped in the bottom. Let it cool completely before serving. It can be stored at room temperature for 2 weeks.

Panettone Polly Eats LondonPanettone Polly Eats LondonTraditional Panettone Polly Eats LondonTraditional Panettone Polly Eats LondonTraditional Panettone Polly Eats London












The recipe from The Bread Baker's Apprentice. Mastering the Art of Extraordinary Bread' 15th Anniversary Edition by Peter Reinhart Ten Speed Press Berkeley, 2016 


  • Sean says:

    I tried this recipe. It?s the closest I?ve got to a proper Panetonne bread so thank you, but I used a store bought panettone case. It?s easier as I see you are struggling to keep the shape in a homemade case. Try the bough Panettone case next time Polly! Sean

    • Polly Eats London says:

      Thanks Sean, ok, I will try:) Happy Christmas

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